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“No matter who you are, no matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!”
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You are invited to participate in the life and worship of The Congregational Church of Salisbury, U.C.C.
Like   many   churches   established   during   the   colonial   period,   our   Meeting   House   was located   in   the   geographic   center   of   the   Town   of   Salisbury   for   ease   of   travel   by   horse and   buggy.   Now   we   welcome   as   members   and   friends   people   who   live   in   neighboring towns    in    Connecticut,    New    York,    and    Massachusetts.    Some    of    our    most    active members reside part-time in New York City. Our   congregation   of   over   300   serves   as   a   church   home   for   persons   who   come   from   a rich    variety    of    religious    backgrounds.    (The    majority    of    people    who    have    become members   in   recent   years   grew   up   in   other   Protestant   denominations   or   as   Roman Catholics.) Whether   we   participate   as   singles,   couples,   "nuclear"   families,   single   parent   families,   or "blended"   families,   we   are   united   as   a   church   family   by   our   common   desire   to   share one   another's   joys   and   sorrows.   "The   tie   that   binds"   us   together   is   not   a   creed   of   fixed belief   but   a   covenant   which   reads   in   part:   "We   covenant   with   God   and   with   one   another to   walk   together   in   God's   holy   ways.   We   unite   for   the   worship   of   God   and   for   continued striving to do God's will." We    are    a    trinitarian    church    which    celebrates    the    Lord    Jesus    Christ    as    the    fullest expression   of   God's   being   and   will.   While   we   cherish   our   roots   in   the   Puritan   tradition, we   affirm   that   "God   seeks   in   holy   love   to   save   all   people   from   aimlessness   and   sin." Our   emphasis   is   on   the   Grace   and   Love   of   God   made   manifest   in   Jesus   which   is communicated   to   us   through   the   empowering   presence   of   the   Holy   Spirit.   We   believe that,   as   Christ's   body   on   earth,   the   goal   of   the   church   is   to   promote:   1.   personal regeneration, and 2 . social transformation. The   Bible   stands   at   the   center   of   focus   in   our   Meeting   House   (Sanctuary,)   as   it   should stand   in   the   center   of   our   lives   as   Christians.   We   affirm   the   importance   of   Bible   study for   all   ages   which   enables   us   to   interpret   God's   Word   and   its   meaning   for   our   lives.   We affirm   that   the   Christian   journey   is   one   of   life-long   growth   in   learning   through   the continuing revelation of the Holy Spirit. If   you   are   visting   in   town   or   looking   for   a   church   home,   we   extend   to   you   the   right   hand of   Christian   fellowship   and   bid   you   welcome.   If   you   would   like   more   information   about our congregation, theology or program please contact: The Rev. Diane Monti-Catania pastor.diane@salisburycongregational.org
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