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The church family joined together to organize a highly successful evening of dinner and music to raise funds in support of Theresa and her family during her health difficulties.  Hundreds of people showed up to share the exquisite cuisine lovingly made by Theresa’s friends, listen to music, and bid in a silent auction .
Community Dinner - For a Member of the Church Family
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Visit a gallery of photos HERE.
Simply Smiles Mission Trip Oaxaca, Mexico July 2012
Fifteen people spent seven days working to improve the lives of children living in poverty.   The group's lives were transformed by the generosity of spirit exhibited by their new friends in Mexico.  They worked together as a community to spread God’s love to each person they encountered!
Turn on your speakers and enjoy this video from Simply Smiles that includes many in our group.
Janet to the rescue! She corrected an extensive area of exposed roots around  the two sugar maples in front of the church. The trees were originally planted with inadequate soil depth so the roots struggled near the surface where they took a beating from lawnmowers and pedestrian compaction. This project was supported by Christian Action.
Photos by Tom Zetterstrom
One of our trees suffering from root exposure.
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A Gift for Parents!
For two and a half hours of free time during Advent, from 5:30 - 8:00, parents left their children with us at the church for an evening of fun for all!
Originally posted by Simply Smiles: “You are going to love this 1 minute time- lapse video of our Simply Smiles volunteers and the people of La Plant building a new home on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Dakota. Take a minute and check it out. And thank you for all that you do!” Our Mission group in August 2014 played a part in the start of the house that is depicted.
100 blankets were created for the United Congregational Church of Bridgeport’s outreach program to the homeless. (See article in October’s Meeting House Times.)
Blankets for Bridgeport - From Start to Finish Food for Thought    Food for Comfort    Food for Lent Two of the four Lenten dinners lovingly  prepared by the Deacons
Click on any image to enlarge it or to start a slide show
Click on any image to enlarge it or to start a slide show
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An album of pictures (submitted by several photographers) can be found HERE.
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Children’s Christmas Pageant - 2014 Feel the Warmth Dinner - January 2015 At UCC Bridgeport, many hands make light work of preparation for a meal for the homeless.
Church Leader’s Retreat - February 2015 Silver Lake Conference Center
Volunteers prepping for the Feel the Warmth DinnerUCC Bridgeport April 23, 2015
Church Picnic August 2015 Palm Sunday & Easter 2015 Palm Sunday & Easter 2015